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Anglesey off the coast of Wales

Anglesey is located off the coast of Wales and can be reached by 2 bridges. Once you are there you will find loads of things to do such as the 125 miles of coast and beaches. Or maybe you want visit the popular historic attractions, including striking castles, quaint old harbours, ancient burial chambers and numerous museums and galleries. How about exploring bustling local markets to find some delicious home grown treats. Anglesey is close to Ty Mawr Holiday Park and can be reach by car.


Anglesey Coast

Anglesey Coast - has stunning beaches you could just spend the day on the beach. Or maybe you like water sports try your hand at surfing or sailing. Scuba diving is also available to explore ship wrecks and sea life. Why not take the family on an adventure boat ride around the island.


Anglesey Cycling

Anglesey Cycling - why not get out of the car and explore Anglesey on two wheels, after all the change of pace will do you and your family good.

Anglesey has 2 cycle routes, the Lôn Las Copr which is 36 miles long on the way you will pass Wales only working mill and Parys Mountain. Lôn Las Cefni offers 13 miles of traffic free cycle path which maybe better for a family .


Anglesey Golf

Anglesey Golf - a selection of both 9 and 18 hole courses on the island, all with stunning scenery which one will you choose first.


Anglesey Countryside

Anglesey Countryside - walking around the island can be at your own pace which will give you time to take in the fantastic surroundings. You may like to take a nature walk to how much wild life you can spot.


Anglesey History

Anglesey History - the first evidence of humans on the island comes from the Mesolithic period, about 7000 BC. Not much is known about this period and the next several millennia. Archaeologists have uncovered many sites on the island rich with prehistoric artefacts such as pottery and stone tools.
In 1943, land was being cleared near this lake for building a runway for the nearby Royal Air Force base. Peat was being dug from the bog near the lake and an iron chain was found. This chain was used for a while for pulling vehicles that were stuck in the mud. It was soon discovered, though, that the chain was actually an ancient one that was originally used to chain slaves together.

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